Traveller: Red Dwarf, LIC.

The spirit that drove the champions of the Regina Rally, Captain Taezon Bhaasch, Lenny "Weps" Ramis, and Sergeant Santino continues to drive Red Dwarf, LIC! Trust in us to deliver your precious cargo securely and quickly across the galaxy!
In these pages you will find a variety of information related to our Red Dwarf, LIC. campaign, which is based on the Traveller RPG (Official SiteWikipedia).  We've run both the GURPS version and an altered version of Traveller itself. The setting is generally the Spinward Marches, with the characters based on the planet Regina, in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches Sector, itself part of the Imperial Domain of Deneb.

Referee: Dwayne Walstrom
Current Status
This campaign is currently on hiatus, as we adventure in the realms of Yrth in a Gurps fantasy setting. However, major background changes are in store, as well as the addition of two more gamers!

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