Monday, December 9, 2013

Hunting in Fallujah - Part 3

After regrouping, the team moves forward.
Isaac suggested that they continue through the sewers with some semblance of disguise, and he followed through on it. Before the rest could decide, however, someone outside rattled the garage door, wondering why it was closed. They shot off the latch, and the door rose. Viktor took cover, but the other three remained exposed. The new arrivals commenced firing on the team, and Haarold took a bullet to the stomach. Good thing he wore repaired armor. The team dispatched several contacts, especially Liam, who wiped out several of them as well as the two in the Hiluxes parked just outside the door. Swiss cheese.
The team faced more contacts before Viktor heard the tank approach. He informed the team, and they began a coordinated retreat to the lower level. Isaac left a present in the Conquest, a claymore on the driver's seat rigged to the dome light, while Haarold gave cover fire. They regrouped at the top of the ramp while the contacts remain content to fire on the garage from outside. Haarold set up another claymore there, with tripwire and facing the wall for projectile distribution.
In the maintenance room, Viktor found an open crate of AK-47's and ammo. He topped off and helped Liam outfit himself with an AK and ammo as well. Isaac watched their six. Haarold rigged explosives, including a claymore with enough command wire to reach the sewer access at the back of the room. After everyone made it through the hatch—which was gas operated and turned on lights below when it opened&mdashHaarold pulled the trigger. The explosion knocked Haarold down the stairs into the water below. They all heard the garage collapse. In the well-lit tunnel, the group moved forward. Viktor took point, followed by Haarold, with Isaac and Liam behind.
Before long, they reached a door without markings. Haarold checked it for booby traps before picking the lock. Inside, there was a light to the left at the top of a set of stairs, aimed at the door. Liam took out the light, a motion sensor light, and they opened a door at the top of the stairs that had no lock. Behind the door was a basement storeroom covered in dust. None of the food and water was out of date.