Monday, November 18, 2013

Hunting in Fallujah - Part 2

The team fights for their lives.
The Knight Conquest stalled again. Isaac tried to revive Haarold, but the downed soldier was not breathing and had no heartbeat. Liam woke for only a moment. Isaac saw the wound on Haarold's head, bandaged it, and revived Haarold to a weak thready pulse and labored breathing.
A wall exploded behind the vehicle as Viktor attempted to restart the Conquest. Isaac pulled Haarold out of critical condition with an epi; Haarold awoke with a great gulp of air. Liam woke, too. Viktor started the Conquest as a tank pulled into view behind them. He tried to pull into a nearby alley, but its max speed was 15 MPG and it stalled before traveling much at all. However, a fortuitous last-ditch key turn started the engine with a roar. The truck lurched into the alley as Isaac fixed the minigun and popped the canopy, and they continued at a fair clip. Liam took over driving. One last insurgent ran into the alley, but Isaac made easy work of him. (Pfft!)
Liam drove into a nearby parking garage, down the lowest level. The team began scavenging for parts. Haarold remained in the truck to recuperate with some water and a protein bar.
Viktor found a mechanical room. It was locked, so Liam blew open the door with his shotgun. Viktor entered and found a generator, and though the lights were on, the generator was not running. Liam snapped a chem-light, and they both discovered that the room was bigger than at first blush. Viktor shone a Mag-Lite and found a sewer access near a stairwell leading up. Liam returned to repairing the Conquest.
At the ground floor, Isaac and Haarold discovered two contacts inside the entrance to the garage. They heard the two team members mount silencers, but they don't know what they heard, nor did they ever find out. Meanwhile, Viktor scouted around the lowest level while Liam started patching up the truck, TIG welder in hand. He walked up the ramp to join Haarold and Isaac after Isaac moved the bodies out of sight from the garage entrance.
Viktor moved to near the entrance, scanned the alley, and saw nothing. When Liam began using an angle grinder, the noise drew four hostiles, two with AK's, one with an RPK, and one unarmed. Haarold, Viktor and Isaac rocked and rolled on the four men, who didn't know what hit them. Viktor discovered their idling Hilux just outside the garage. He had to take out a hostile on a third floor balcony nearby before he drove the vehicle into the garage and parked it.
A moment later, Liam drove the patched up Conquest to the ground level to meet the rest of the team. Isaac searched the four fresh kills and found a Kevlar helmet, US Army issue, which he gave to Haarold to protect his head wound, and a piecemeal set of Dragon Skin, which the team used to repair their own body armor. Viktor scavenged a magazine with 30 rounds of 762x39 AP.