Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hunting in Fallujah - Part 1

The team sets off to find an HVT in Fallujah.
There were two possible locations for the HVT: a complex in the center of town, known as an insurgent HQ with its own generator, or a trucking company and warehouse on far east of town, rumored to have an underground bunker. Rafik and his entourage were typically in four vehicles.
The team has no difficulty getting through the friendly checkpoint, though the officer spends about 15 minutes poring over their papers. Other friendlies shared their amusement over the Knight Conquest having an XBox. Before the team set off, the officer of the watch ordered an IR strobe placed on the vehicle. Haarold discovered that the checkpoint crew put the IR strobe over the crease of the weapon bay doors. They moved the strobe.
The checkpoint officer, Captain Reynolds, offered some intel on a map of the city, circling the hospital, marking it with a '1400' and saying, "Tomorrow." He held out his hand to shake Isacc's hand, transferring to him a note containing radio frequencies, call signs, etc., including one labeled, "Spooky," a heavily-armed C130. After spending half an hour at the checkpoint, the team started toward the city.
Friendly armored vehicles were buttoned up. Infantry wore armor. A pair of Apaches flew overhead through a clear mid-afternoon sky.
Liam drove, while Isaac sat shotgun. Haarold and Viktor were in the back.
They took side streets toward the hospital, skirting around debris and holes. As they traveled through an intersection, Haarold called out, "Incoming!" Everyone turned to see (and hear) an RPG heading right for them. It made contact with Haarold's door, but the armor held against the blast.
Liam put pedal to the medal and missed their planned turn. An 12.7mm shot pierced the windshield and blasted the monitor on the console, which struck Isaac in the chest. Liam took a bullet to the head, but he remained conscious and unhurt thanks to his helmet. Haarold popped the turret, while Viktor took aim out the back in time to take a shot at one of two Hiluxes that came in to trap them.
When Haarold began spraying the left side contacts, Isaac spent the rest of his magazine on the remaining two standing on the right. Viktor's shot missed. Liam spun the vehicle around through the median. Haarold took aim at the heavier Hilux, while Isaac focused on the lighter one. Viktor knelt in the turret's ring mount. Haarold sprayed both vehicles and took them out. Isaac saw a contact take aim with an RPG and attempted to take him out without success. Viktor caught the location of the 12.7mm, took a braced aim, and wiped it out. At that point, the Conquest stalled.
The RPG struck the front of the vehicle, sending shrapnel into Isaac, whose armor took a beating. The Conquest took serious damage. The blast knocked out Liam. Viktor took out one of the contacts behind them. Haarold knocked down the RPG contact in front of them. After more gunfire and RPG's, which miss, Isaac put the truck into neutral and pulled the emergency brake.
Isaac and Viktor pulled Liam out of the driver's seat without leaving the vehicle, and Viktor took over driving. Haarold took a head shot from an AK contact but managed to take out the contact. Isaac, having had reloaded his HK, sprayed half a magazine at the five forward contacts to no effect. Haarold tried another blast from the minigun, but its belt broke; he dropped down into the truck and buttoned up the turret. Viktor started the truck and drove it into the first northbound side street. Haarold passed out in the back.