Top Secret: SecuriCorps

Overview : The players of this fictional role-playing game are Ex-military types of various backgrounds and nationalities who find themselves working for SecuriCorp ( Descrip later ), in the Middle East, as mercs.

SECURICORP: A LARGE Multinational corporation supllying all facets of security ranging from CCTV systems and Shopping MAUL (lol) guards to ' Rumored ' Spec Ops operators.

System and Game-related Resources
The system we're using for this campaign is the Top Secret RPG, originally published by TSR in the 1980.  It uses a .

Non-Game Resources
If you're looking to add realism to your gaming adventures, we find the following resources to be very helpful.
Character Creation
The base stats ( STR, INT, REF, WIL + CON ) Are rolled using 2d6+1 using highest rolled of the 2 dice and rerolling double 1's for the " 10's " and 1d10 for the " 1's " Thus a roll on the d6's yielding a highest die of 5 and a d10 roll of 8 would be a result of 68....
Characters started out with 330 points between the five stats.

' Normal ' TSSI Characters begin with a puny 30 pts....WAY to low for Operators such as our heros. SO For this campaign I issued 80 plus a bonus equal to 10% of the characters INT score rounded up. Then let them select from ' PACAKAGES ' I had preset with point costs BELOW what the actual cost for the groups of skills would be. MORE on these lists later.....MAYBE. Heck I put a ton of work into these and don't know if I wanna share them! I'm selfish like that....

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