Saturday, January 29, 2011

Character Sheet: Lenny "Weps" Ramis

Lenny "Weps" Ramis
Lenny is a 23 year old spaceship gunner, spacer, planet-side adventurer, a Regina Rally race winner, and now co-owner of a trading company, Red Dwarf, LIC.  His experience in the Navy had given him valuable skills, but left him with a general distaste for Navy Officers. He had very little regard for his CO, whom he saw as complete tool.  She just couldn’t see the humor in Lenny’s jokes.  Reversing the flow of the latrine vac is hilarious!  Lenny was quickly booted planet-side, where he was placed in the Security Group where he manned and maintained the base missile and gun batteries. On his off-duty time, he thoroughly enjoyed piloting grav sleds, generally as fast as he possibly could get them to go, or skydiving off of them.

Lenny grew up in a seedy suburb in a Mountainous region of Regina in the Spinward Marches with his aging mother, Despenia, and fiery little sister Griz (short for Griselda).  Regina is a Terran Prime, rich world; a capital of this sub-sector -- though they saw none of the wealth.  He was never really that envious of those better off than he.  His entertainment as a child was taking his sister climbing and survivalist camping, when he wasn’t trying to cut classes from public schooling.

From a young age, Lenny suspected he was different.  He could hear the thoughts of others, particularly that of a strange man that used to hang out at a local coffee shop.  Everyone called him “The Old Bastard”, a man who would often stare unblinkingly off into the distance for minutes on end.  On occasion, he seemed to be speaking to himself.  People simply thought he was crazy, but Lenny knew otherwise.  He had a found a friend in The Old Bastard, someone who understood him, someone he could talk to, without talking at all - literally.  This knowledge he kept secret from all but the Old Bastard himself.

Just before leaving for the Navy, The Old Bastard was discovered as a psi, and arrested. According to the official reports, he 'committed suicide' to prevent his revealing other psionics to the authorities, but Lenny just knew that they - obviously Imperial Authorities - executed him.  He intends on finding the people responsible for the Old Bastard’s death and bringing them to justice, legal or otherwise.  In order to do this, he believes that he must improve his psionic skills and strengths.  Whether that means he is willing to go undercover remains to be seen.

[Edit: Added in the Collection of documents for this campaign.]

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