Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome, from Weps!

Hello, racing fans! Life has been amazingly busy in the last few weeks since the completion of the race.  We are have mixed feelings about the Red Dwarf and its grounded status.  As many of you know, Captain Taezon had been waiting a long time for his first commission as an independent scout, and when the opportunity to captain the newest, fasted ship off the scout line, he obviously jumped at the chance.  Our first run with this rare ship was a short hop across the galaxy from Regina, enough to demonstrate its amazing qualities.

Timing was incredible in that the Regina Rally was right around the corner.  The experience of the race will be remembered for a lifetime and more.  It is unfortunate that the Red Dwarf did not survive past the finish of the race, but the knowledge that the safety of our men and women in service will be spared from unspeakable fate is worth it.

We have some exciting news to share.  Red Dwarf Racing, LIC (Limited Imperial Charter) has officially changed its name to Red Dwarf, LIC.  We will bring the same success we had in racing to the you, the traveler, the businessmen and women.  Stay tuned, and watch this site for more news.

Lenny "Weps" Ramis

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