Monday, July 7, 2014

Hunting in Fallujah - Part 4

The team cases the storeroom. Isaac finds Twinkies and passes a few to Haarold and Viktor, though Viktor refuses them. (I got sand in my Kraken! They find no immediate threats. Haarold sets a frag grenade trap in the door they came through. Viktor checks the door at the other end of the room for traps, finds none.
Opening the door, the team discovers an unoccupied store. They shoot out three cameras, but the CCTV system was not in operation. They find nothing of consequence and move toward the front of the store. Haarold gets bearings, but while he does, keys jingle just beyond the plastic curtain hanging. The store owner enters, fiddles with a few things. A voice from outside a roll-up door calls to him, and he opens the door. The store owner argues with the visitor, saying that he hasn't seen any Americans. Apparently, the visitor wasn't convinced: he opens fire on the store owner.
The team, listen

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