Monday, May 20, 2013

First Intermission: Reboot

Re-introducing a character, Liam, with a new concept - "driver". While shopping for the vehicle, we were given a tip regarding the van we were to purchase, it was a wreck. Liam suggested a different dealer, siting all of the issues with Shane's offerings.

Haarold and Isaac exchanged information with Liam and met up with him at Securicorp's firing range. Bring a variety of armaments to the range, Haarold left a few "gotchas" for Liam to find. He "passed" the inspection test easily and turned out to be quite gifted with pistol. Isaac spent time showing off his golden Desert Eagle, and the group spent time getting to know each other. They eventually drop off the box truck at the warehouse and Liam drives them to a falafel shop in the H1 he borrowed from Shane.

Liam introduces us to "Crazy Akhmed", who is very congenial. Liam shows off custom work he did for Akhmed, a Lamborghini LM002. Akhmed had three Knight Conquest vehicles he purchased for $120 and was willing to let them go for the same price. The group took an afternoon to pick up the two bags of cut, unmarked diamonds from the warehouse and visited a jeweler that Liam knew. They successfully negotiated a sale for $180,000 and $10,000 for Shane's Hummer, courtesy of Liam's gripe with him.

Liam, Haarold, and Isaac spent the better part of a week working on building a working KC. They were left with a full set of spare tires on wheels, wiring, one driver-side rear and passenger rear door. One cargo door, one top mount lift door, two complete sets of seats, 2 extra windshield, 1 radiator with oil cooler and trans-oil cooler. 2 extra fuel tanks, 1 complete rear suspension assembly. Got the driver's IR system working. One spare set of MBC filters, miscellaneous parts. Liam's mechanical skills came to shine, as the rebuilt vehicle better than factory on body and engine (better than 1/4 skill), with a great job on electrical and sub-systems (better than 1/2 skill). The weapon deploy system, lacking a weapon, works perfectly.

On the way to pick up Victktor from the hospital, Isaac and Haarold play X-box -- Isaac pwnd. Liam hammered it down, drifted around a corner, and power-stopped in front of the hospital. Stopped on the way for cigarettes and vodka for the Russian. Roark phoned the group immediately after the pickup, and called them in to brief on a new high value target, Sayed Rafik, wanted alive. The man just surfaced in Fallujah and generally travels with an entourage. He was  instrumental in IED training for the insurgence. The right side of his face was scarred with burns, with reports of a missing ear and other scarring. His right hand is missing two smaller digits. He'll give us two to three hours before he briefs the other teams.

The group takes time to visit Ahkmed to outfit the KC with a 7.62 minigun on a ringmount, which they were able to install in 45 minutes, with round trip to the warehouse and ammo pickup at Securicorp, 2 hours burned. The team ended up with an hour lead-time on the other teams, all said and done.

(And we called it a night; 5 xp gained per character.)

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